The company is backed by Spirit Capital Partners LLP, an investment management group which has invested some £75 million in a portfolio of companies including businesses operating in the Environmental sector. 
The core management team has vast experience in on-site remediation techniques, both technical and operational, and are using this experience to develop bespoke solutions to difficult waste streams through the treatment facility. 
A key element of the offering is the location of the business on a site in the North-East of England which includes both a hazardous and a non-hazardous landfill. Another attribute to the location of our facility is our ability to safely store, handle and treat large volumes of waste. Fortitude has a close working relationship with the business which owns the site, Impetus Waste Management, which allows a full treatment and disposal package to be offered. The site is also adjacent to the Teesport deep harbour facility which allows international waste streams to be imported and treated with a minimum of domestic transportation.
A variety of mechanical and chemical treatment techniques are offered through the hub where Fortitude offers expertise in thermal treatment. Our modern, state of the art Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU) forms the cornerstone of our facility, which includes a wet scrubber and constant emissions monitoring system (‘TDU’). The management have significant previous experience of this technology and have used that knowledge to design their own bespoke machine which is ideally suited to the requirements of a hub and the anticipated varying waste streams. The team has built trusted relationships with local and International departments of Environmental Regulators which enables the prompt assessment of the suitability and acceptability of potential waste streams. 
Fortitude's breadth of service is strengthened by our links with established Partners across a wide range of disciplines. These include:

- Landfill operators with an extensive range of EWC codes.. Fortitude’s partnership with Impetus Waste Management allows the import of a wide range of wastes and provides an outlet for discarded portions of waste streams.

- Local secure specialised ports – The port has experience in handling contaminated materials including all Health & Safety requirements. 

- Hauliers – Fortitude have access to a number of hauliers with the appropriate licences to transport hazardous waste streams

- Shipping agent  - Our shipping agent has an in-depth knowledge of the procedures required for hazardous waste importation and working with HMRC to carry out customs clearance and import tariffs/taxes
Fortitudes treatment facility offers the clients solutions for the disposal of difficult and challenging waste streams.