Remediation Services

The management team have delivered complex and challenging remediation projects on a wide variety of former industrial sites ranging from chemical and agrochemical works, refineries, gas works, and manufacturing sites, to landfill sites, steelworks, shipyards and scrap yards. Under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act, highly sensitive projects within the gardens of residential properties have been successfully delivered by the management team.

We specialise in providing technical and commercial advice and support to our clients involved in redeveloping or optimising the value of contaminated land right through from tender stage to site validation.

We can assist the delivery of regeneration projects from any stage of a project's lifecycle, from the earliest site assessment to the final remediation work on site, and the production of validation reports, to ensure projects are executed to time and budget constraints.

We have an in-depth understanding of the complex regulatory landscape surrounding the remediation sector. We frequently liaise with all levels of government and other regulatory bodies, including DEFRA, the Environment Agency, County Councils, Environmental Health Departments, and Local Authorities on behalf of our clients.

We have considerable expertise across all stages of a project dealing with all aspects of design, validation and liaison with regulators, stakeholders and other construction parties including local residents and the wider community.